About Me

I became a doula in 2003 after enduring two very different, yet very disappointing labor experiences.  Each for their own set of reasons. 

My experience as a doula extends to the following areas:

- Infertility
- IUI, IVF and other fertility treatment methods
- Pregnancy Loss
- High Risk Pregnancies
- Multiples
- Genetic Abnormalities
- Emergency c-sections
- Unmedicated, natural births
- Homebirths
- Epidurals
- Hypnobirthing
- Postpartum Depression
- Nursing
- Extended Breastfeeding
- Weaning
- and probably a bunch of other stuff I'm not thinking about right now

I'd be happy to help you in any way I can.  Women need to go back to being in control of their own pregnancies, and doulas are a step in that direction. 

There are few things more amazing than the euphoria of a mother who has just birthed her baby, few things more magical than seeing a new person for the first time, few moments more full of nervous anticipation than those that occur right after birth. 

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